This morning I was browsing the ACM TechNews and found reference to a New York Times article entitled Colleges Adapt Online Courses to Ease Burden.  Having taught online courses since 2000 and having published about my efforts through the years, I was intrigued and had to read it.  And as I did my blood pressure rose because the article committed my current favorite pet peeve: it equated online learning and massive open online courses (MOOCs).  I found myself once again ranting about people with a complete lack of knowledge about online education writing about MOOCs.  Because online education significantly predates MOOCs! Really!  It was going on in institutions all over the world when MOOCs were just a gleam in their inventors’ eyes.  And, yes, this is just another instance of obliviousness about previous work, which I’ve written about before.  But it continues to aggravate me, so I’ll point it out one more time.  It’s especially annoying when the ACM has a part in publicizing the articles since they really should know better!