I returned a couple of days ago from the 2017 SIGCSE Symposium in Seattle. A lot happened there, and I’m sure when I get the energy I’ll write a post or two about it. But for now I’m exhausted and drowning in both laundry and grading. The latter is particularly tough since this is finals week and being away for six days put me behind in homework grading.

Fortunately, at least one of my students had a great sense of humor when finishing his final assignment. He used the comments in the file to joke around with me. For example, I use comments to indicate which part of the code they need to write. He amended one of those comments as follows:

# Write this class – Well, if you insist!

I also try to let them know which parts of the code should be left as I wrote them. Again, he amended those comments. The first one:

# Do not modify this function – I’m tempted, but I will restrain myself.

And even better:

# Do not modify this function – I… I really want to though. For science.

It’s the small things that help me get through grading despite my continued sleep deficit, and my thanks go to my students with a good sense of humor.