Today was the 2012 DePaul Faculty Teaching and Learning Conference, and it was another opportunity for me to feel incredibly grateful about my life.  In a single day, with only my normal work commute, I got to:

  • attend a keynote session by James Gee, who has fascinating things to say about learning and games
  • experience an engaging and enlightening activity that introduced the notions of fair and free trade (and resulted in conference swag that my daughter will love) presented by Gloria Alter in the College of Education
  • take photos and have them critiqued as a part of an activity shared by my colleague Shanya Connelly
  • learn about an amazing class developing ideas on creating and evaluating immersive theater experiences by Dean Corin in the Theatre School
  • present on the Python classes, a passion of mine
  • take part in a workshop by my colleague Katie Salen, who happens to be one of the most famous game designers and educators in the world, in which I worked with a colleague in public policy and learned a ton about writing advocacy letters

There will be more blog posts about the ideas that I had during this conference, but first I have to say how happy I am to be where I am.  There aren’t many places where you could share a day like this with 100 colleagues across so many disciplines with a passionate for teaching and learning.