I’m getting ready to leave for a conference tomorrow, and the day has been crazy.  I taught, had office and advising hours, and then ran home to spend time with my daughter before she went to bed.  I only started packing after she went to sleep, and I’m still not done.  During all of this, I stay logged in to answer questions from my students on their assignments due at midnight.

Tonight I thought about all the different directions I had been pulled today and why I didn’t hesitate for a minute to include student questions in my schedule.  I realized one simple fact: my students are like my children.  I care about them and their progress.  I know their strengths and weaknesses and appreciate both.  Yes, at times I’m frustrated and irritated with them.  But they brighten my day in ways I never expect.  While I’m getting them ready for the time when they won’t need me anymore, it means a lot to me that they want my help, and my approval, now.  And most of all, I love them.  So it’s no surprise that I’ll sacrifice a little sleep for them.