I’m happy to report that the Spring quarter at DePaul is only two weeks away from being done. It’s been the toughest spring in memory, no doubt a side effect of the pandemic. As tired and worn out as I am, my students are even more burned out. The number of students who have ghosted my classes, by disappearing but not actually dropping the course, is higher than usual. And the ones who are still participating are clearly as exhausted as I am.

Inspired by all this I decided in one of my classes to let them vote on whether they were going to have a last assignment. If they didn’t want it, I would simply put together some exercises to help them study for the final exam. I made a one-question Qualtrics survey and sent it out, fully expecting that the majority would vote for no assignment, especially given that it would be due two days before the final exam. Much to my surprise the vast majority voted in favor of having a last assignment. This is not the result I expected, and I can’t help but be a little proud that they’re embracing the chance to get credit for their learning at the tail end of a really tough academic year.