I just finished my third week of teaching remotely. Overall I still wish I could be in the classroom with them, but I was right to think that doing this is way better than not being with my students at all. Just today my students did four things that absolutely made my heart melt:

  1. One of my students mentioned before class that some of the restaurants in Chicago with Michelin stars are starting a cheap take-out program. I insisted that he mention it on the recording once class officially started so that everyone could benefit from the wisdom, and he laughed and did.
  2. My daughter joined me for my classes, and when I embarrassed her by mentioning her birthday (tomorrow!) the students in one class responded by wishing her happy birthday. It made her day.
  3. A student emailed me excited about the idea of adding a length method to the queue class we did today. He was stuck on how to do it and wanted input. It has nothing to do with any assignment and is just a sign of his enthusiasm.
  4. In the chat window for the Zoom call today one of my students wrote: “darn, this is the only class I have that doesn’t last long enough.” We ended today about 2 minutes early when we’ve typically gone right up to time or over, so I think he was being serious.

My best days are always my teaching days, and that is not a coincidence.