I’ve been quiet for a couple of months now on this site, something that I’m going to work to remedy in 2020. Being SIGCSE chair was exhausting and recovering my energy for writing has been slow. Happily I’m on a research leave that lasts until March 30, 2020, and I’m hopeful that will go a long way toward restoring me professionally.

I took the leave because the project I’m working on involves a summer-school class offered in the Southern Hemisphere. I can’t say that I would have otherwise chosen the Winter quarter for a leave over the Fall or Spring quarters. In my head I always reasoned that it made more sense to have a longer period of time away from teaching, and both the Fall and Spring provide that with nearly six months away from the classroom. But this leave has already surprised me in terms of the sense of restoration it’s given. The Fall quarter felt less stressful because I knew I would have nearly four months away from teaching and advising after I finished it. And yet so far I’ve maintained more energy for the work of the leave because I’m taking it in between two academic terms. I’ll have to see if this continues, but so far I’m happy about the choice to take this leave now.

Happy New Year to you all!