As of July 1st I became SIGCSE’s past chair, a position I’ll hold for the next three years. I’m incredibly proud of all the work that the 2016-2019 SIGCSE Board accomplished, something that I talked about extensively in my last ACM Inroads column. My thanks again to everyone who served on the 2016-2019 Board, and welcome to everyone who joined the 2019-2022 SIGCSE Board. It’s going to be great to work with you.

I have to admit though that I’m very happy to be done being SIGCSE chair. As much as we accomplished and as much as I was honored to have had the chance to serve, it was at times an overwhelming amount of work. Just about all aspects of my life took a hit during the tough weeks, and it’s a relief to have a more manageable schedule now.

In fact, one of the delights of this summer has been planning what comes next. Yes, I took a break from a lot of work in the past two months, binge-watched Netflix, and did a long-overdue purge in our house. But I’ve also found myself drawn back into research. I currently have three papers and a panel under development, and spending my work time this summer writing has reminded me how much I love it. I have a research break scheduled January – March 2020 part of which will be spent in Auckland working on a new project. It also looks like I’ll get to travel to Ireland in December to brainstorm with someone on a new collaboration. I’ve also added reviewing back into my life, and I’m looking forward to reading other people’s research and giving them feedback on it.

I’m not sure what’s next on the horizon, but I’m looking forward to it. Oh, and I will have more work to do for SIGCSE, as past chair, as ITiCSE conference liaison, and as chair of the Travel Grant and Speaker’s Fund review committee. But it feels like a new chapter, and one I think I’ll enjoy.