The first week of the quarter is nearly over. I had a long December break, and I spent a good deal of that time away from work resting and relaxing which was great. Unfortunately I’m still feeling burned out, and I have to admit that I wasn’t excited about the start of classes.

I’m happy to report that as soon as I starting interacting with my students my mood and attitude improved significantly. I have four classes (since I’m teaching three 2-credit classes in addition to a regular 4-credit class), and the vast majority of my students are energetic, enthusiastic, and engaged. Interacting with them has reminded me how much I love teaching, and the reminder couldn’t come at a better time.

I’ve also had some good news come from former students, one of whom just found out that she got an internship with Google. I’m so happy for her, and hearing things like that are another source of energy for me. So a big thanks to all my students, current and past for helping me to refocus on the positive.