It’s been a quiet May for me on this blog, and for good reason. Again this year I was asked to present at the ACM Turing Celebration Conference that took place in Shanghai, China May 19th and 20th. As with last year I enjoyed a lot of things about the conference. Most striking to me was the continuing energy and enthusiasm of the SIGCSE China members. Luckily this time I got a picture of some of the organizers, thanks to Ju-min Zhao who provided all the pictures in this post.

SIGCSE China also had the most diverse set of speakers in their program, with multiple women and several people from outside China represented. Unfortunately the organizing committee and the keynotes in the regular part of the conference were again overwhelmingly male as you can see below.

It makes me proud that SIGCSE China is doing all the great work they are. In terms of the regular part of the conference I think I enjoyed Raj Reddy’s optimistic take on the future of AI the most, although I was told by other attendees that Michael Jordan’s talk was excellent. Unfortunately I had some health issues during the conference and had to miss parts of it. There were some fun additions this year to the conference, including the wall of signatures which is seen below.

It’s possible that the first instance of the fourth SIGCSE conference, tentatively named SIGCSE Global, will take place in conjunction with the 2019 TURC conference, so I’m hopeful that more SIGCSE members from outside China will get to see the great work that the SIGCSE China organizers are doing. If that happens I just hope that my health will cooperate so that I can see more of the conference!