It’s no surprise to anyone who reads this blog regularly or knows me even slightly that I love teaching. Part of the reason I love teaching is that I enjoy interacting with students. It’s rewarding and challenging and the reason that I feel I have the best job in the world. You might think though that after 24 years of teaching I would have experienced all the things I possibly could with my students. As it turns out, you would be wrong.

This quarter is the fourth iteration of the linked-courses learning community offered by a colleague of mine and me. Every year there’s been something I’ve enjoyed about the learning community, and I’ve written too many blog posts about it to include references to all of them here. The students in the cohorts of the learning community have brought me a lot of joy (and some amount of pain, depending on the year), but this is the first year that I’ve experienced universal love for an entire group of students.

Yes, in the past I’ve loved individual students and even groups of students in a larger class. But this year I’ve fallen in love with the entire class. They’re serious, focused, curious, respectful, polite, good listeners, and hard workers. They’re not perfect, but I adore even their imperfections. And I honestly have no idea whether they even like me in return, mostly because they are such a polite group. I’m simply putting the best class I can out there and appreciating how well they’re responding to it. I hope that enough of them stay together in future classes that my colleagues will get to experience the joy of having this bunch as a class.