It’s been a long academic year for me. While most of the things I’ve done have been (very) enjoyable, it has been tiring. So it’s particularly nice to end the year with the email I received today from one of my students. He’s not a computing major and is taking my Python class to learn a bit of programming before he graduates this month. That he did exceptionally well in the accelerated class with little to no experience tells you what a great programmer he is. I wrote him after grading his last assignment to let him know that he should feel free to ask for a recommendation any time. And he wrote back with this:

You have been the most pleasant and helpful teacher in my four years at DePaul. When I first started in 2013, I had an idea of who a college professor should be and act – you are just that.

Thinking about this sweet comment should keep me going through the last week of the academic year.