The fall quarter is over for me, which means I’m done teaching until January. Of course, all that means is that I now spend my days at home working on research or service instead of downtown teaching or advising. But it does mean that I have time to do things that are too time-consuming to do while I’m teaching, like doing a literature review for a new project.

Today in pursuit of said literature review I ran into an amazing article. “Following a Thread: Knitting Patterns and Program Tracing” discusses the conditional and iteration patterns found in knitting instructions and draws parallels to program tracing done by students. I learned knitting only a few years after I learned to program way back in the 80s, so this paper felt like a wonderful merging of two lifelong interests. Given that I know two of the authors but had no idea they had done this work, I can’t wait to bring it up the next time I see them.