It’s registration time at DePaul, and that means that I get to see all of my advisees again. Every year I get (almost) all of the people in my learning community assigned as my advisees, mostly because my collaborator is an administrator and advises a very small group of students. It tends to make my Octobers crazy since all first-year students must meet with their advisor before registering, and thirty times 30 minutes is a lot of advising hours. But I’m willing to do a lot for our learning community project.

Today I had an appointment scheduled with one of the students from last year’s learning community. When he showed up he brought two of the other students with him. Just like when they were in the learning community they had decided to share an advising appointment because they have the same major and are taking all the same classes at the same time. I helped them to pick classes and talked about how things were going. It was the best advising appointment I’ve had all week. It was great to see that they’re still together, are still as much fun as they were when they were my students, and are still coming to me for advice. Things with the second cohort got bumpy at the end, but seeing those three reminded me of all the things I enjoyed about them. And it made my heart happy to see that they’re still together.