Thanks to my travels, today is the first day of the fall quarter for me. I’m as excited and nervous as is expected, particularly for the learning community class. According to my team, there appear to be some challenges associated with this cohort, and I hope I can handle them well.

Fortunately, I also got a boost this week in the form of an email from a former student. She was in my accelerated Python class, and she wrote to say hi for the start of the term. Part of what she wrote is below:

I never properly thanked you for all of the motivation and confidence you have given me. I truly appreciate it. I hope that we can keep in contact in the future, because I really do look up to you and strive to accomplish at least close to what you have in your career. Again, thank you for everything, I probably wouldn’t still be in Computer Science if it wasn’t for you, and for that I am so thankful.

To say that this made my day would be an understatement. It also surprised me since I didn’t really do much for her. I just emailed a couple of times when she seemed especially down to tell her that I thought she was doing well and to encourage her. Remembering that just a few words can help a student so much is something useful to have in mind as I head into another academic year.