One of the things I like best about the summer break is the decrease in email. While the flow into my inbox never completely stops, the summer restricts it to the point where I’m not overwhelmed every morning when I log in. But there are some emails that simply make your day, and I got one of them yesterday. It was from a former student who took one of my Java classes about ten years ago. He wrote:

Hard to imagine a former student from an elective course should remember you, perhaps, but I fondly remember your Introduction to Java class that I took as a junior at DePaul.  I still remember thinking to myself that it was a shame I didn’t take a programming course earlier in my college career as it may have led to a minor or concentration in math and computer science rather than the actuarial math path I took.

There is nothing more flattering than a student who took your class as an elective who remembers it fondly enough to write you again and ask for advice on how to switch careers to focus more on computer science. This is the best way to start your week.