The winter quarter officially ended for me yesterday when I gave my last two final exams. If you’ve paid any attention to this blog (or know me personally), you know it was a tough quarter. I started it exhausted and an extra, new class as an overload didn’t help the situation. There were weeks that I felt lucky to reach Friday with my sanity (mostly) intact.

One of the brightest spots of the entire eleven weeks was my second-quarter Python class. They were one of the most engaged, curious, and interactive groups I’ve had in at least a year and probably longer. They are the kind of students who make feel like all the hassles of academic life are more than worth it for the chance to spend time with people like them. As happy as I am for winter quarter to be done, I will sorely miss them.

As a thank-you to them, I promised I would bake them chocolate-chip cookies for the final exam. Of course, I was so exhausted and stressed that I completely blanked on baking the cookies, which I didn’t realize until ten minutes before the final yesterday. I was so sad about having forgotten that I’m going to bake cookies and try to entice the students to stop by my office on the first day of spring quarter. It would love to see them again, so maybe it will have a happy ending after all.