If you’ve read much that I’ve written in this blog, you know that failure and the ability to overcome failure are among my favorite topics. In the past I’ve written about telling students that failure is normal, the benefits of stubbornness in overcoming obstacles, and my puzzlement about how to get students to embrace failure as part of the process of being a computer scientist. Well today I happened to be driving around doing errands when Science Friday came on NPR. They had an interview with Stuart Firestein who is the author of Failure: Why Science is So Successful. In the book Firestein argues that failure is crucial to the process of doing science. They also included Helen Snodgrass in the segment, who is an AP biology teacher previously featured in the Washington Post discussing how encouraging students to see failure as part of the process is crucial for learning. I can see that I have yet another book I need to read because this topic fires me up like few others.