I have previously written about the fact that every quarter I end up having a favorite class. I should probably know better than to say never or always at this point in my life, but I said it and now I get to retract it. This quarter I love both my classes equally, although I don’t love them in the same ways. My accelerated Python class, which is usually my favorite, is a dynamic, curious, and engaging bunch. It’s easy to enjoy them, even if there are a significant group of students who never come to class suggesting that it’s really a subgroup of the class I love. But my second-quarter regular Python class, which is typically a tough group to bond with, have also captured my heart. They listen to me much better than a typical CSC 242 class, and in an astonishing turn 75% of them have perfect attendance so far. They also seem to care about my opinion, and that’s always an endearing quality.

So I’m doing something I’ve not done so far in any quarter. I’ve bought them a second round of donuts.



We know how much students love donuts, so I’ll be able to let them know how I feel without embarrassing them.