We’re now in the middle of the December break at DePaul, something that finally came home to me this weekend. It wasn’t that I took the weekend off from work again or even that I started planning for our trip to Arizona that got me thinking about this. Instead it was the large number of hours this weekend during which I didn’t receive a single email. I’ve written before about the weight that lifts from me once the quarter is over and the tide of student emails begins to ebb. But the December break is even more of a quiet time since many of my colleagues are also off doing other things and not writing me. Yes, there are the emails from the staff who are busy this time of year advising new or existing students on which classes to take. But faculty are for the most part otherwise occupied during December, and as a result, I get very few emails from them. So this weekend I had multiple 8-hour periods in which I didn’t receive a single email. I felt downright blissful when I would walk past my computer and see that the inbox was still the same. I won’t get this feeling again until the end of June, so I’m savoring every minute of it now.