The end of the spring quarter is only one week away, and warm temperatures finally seem to be lingering in Chicago. The end of the academic year and the start of summer always makes me turn to cleaning up around the house. One of the things I periodically tackle is the stack of magazines that sit next to my bed. I don’t subscribe to many magazines since I most often would rather be reading books or academic papers, but I do have a few subscriptions. And I have discovered that the magazines are an excellent barometer of how busy my academic year has been. The more back issues of my least favorite subscription there are, the busier my year has been.

It would appear, given the cleaning I did this weekend, that my academic year got insane in October. And that matches my recollection: I started on two new collaborations in October, which only escalated as 2014 progressed. This may be a new record for a magazine backlog. Let’s just hope that I don’t beat it in 2015 when I’m a conference co-chair or I may have to cancel some subscriptions. Reading recipes for Christmas cookies in June just isn’t that much fun.