In the past few weeks I’ve had a lot of chances to see people at conferences and meetings. I’ve met both new people and connected with people I already knew, and today it dawned on me what an amazing bunch of computing educators I count among my friends and colleagues. They’re smart, inspiring, energetic, and funny. Most importantly they’re good people, which I was particularly reminded of this morning.

As a part of my spring break inspired research binge, I’ve devised a survey for a new mini-project. Since this is a rare project that I’m doing by myself, I wanted some feedback on it. One of the people I contacted for feedback is a very busy person. He lives in New Zealand, so it’s the start of his academic year. He also has two kids and another one on the way in April, as well as bunch of obligations I’m sure he’s not had time to share with me. Despite all of this, he took the time to think about my survey and sent me some great suggestions on how to improve it. I’m grateful that he made me a priority among all the other things he has to do, and I’m feeling particularly lucky to have him as a part of my life.