In the two classes that I’m teaching this quarter one of the most important topics we cover is recursion. It’s the first time any of them have seen the subject, and it’s something that’s assumed in later courses. As might be expected, a majority of students struggle with it. The first recursion assignment for both groups is due on Monday, and for the first time this quarter I’ve been getting regular e-mail questions. Last quarter I tried very hard to get my students to e-mail me with questions, but I had limited success. I didn’t realize how discouraged that made me feel until I started getting more questions this quarter. Yes, I’m sure it helps that I happened to have reminded them about the one-hour rule¬†last Wednesday. But the fact that I forgot to tell them about the one-hour rule prior to last week is a sign to me that I had all but given up on students asking for help from me. Every message I’ve gotten this weekend has lifted my mood since having my students talk to me more, even when it means more work for me, makes me so much happier.