The month of December is prime time for working on research, which means my mind always turns to writing papers and the conferences at which I like to present those papers. So I think it’s time for a blatant plug for the conferences I know and love.

The first one that works particularly well with a December break is the Annual Conference on Innovation and Technology in Computer Science Education (ITiCSE) which always has its paper/panel/working group deadline in early to mid-January. In 2014 ITiCSE is in Sweden, and I’m hard at work preparing several submissions. If you just can’t bring yourself to work on something now, the tips, techniques, and courseware and poster deadlines are in March, so there’s plenty of time to get something ready. Given that the only time I was in Sweden was in March, I’m hopeful that I’ll get to see somewhat nicer weather by visiting in June.

DePaul people have another local conference in May which I never miss. The DePaul Teaching and Learning Conference is a great opportunity to present work in progress or to give a summary of a larger body of work to a local audience. This year’s theme is “Full Contact Teaching: Making the Most of Class Time” which I think is particularly well suited to computing faculty, and a submission is amazingly short. The deadline isn’t until February 3, 2014, but now is a good time to brainstorm before the winter quarter arrives in all its intensity.

The last conference isn’t until October 2014, but given that I’m the program co-chair this year I feel the need to make you aware of it early and often. The annual Special Interest Group for Information Technology Education conference is one I haven’t missed since 2010. We don’t have the website up yet, but it will be starting sometime in January. The conference takes place in Atlanta, making it the second visit to the city for me in 2014. Watch for a lot more plugs of the SIGITE conference once I have links to share.