For her birthday my daughter received from a classmate The Encyclopedia of Immaturity.  If you’re not familiar with the book, it’s an irreverent book with all sorts of slightly objectionable content.  As far as I can tell, it’s main goal is to make kids laugh as they feel like they’re being vaguely naughty.  It was an excellent gift for my daughter, as she worries about getting into trouble more than a kid her age should.  It’s good for her to embrace a bit of naughtiness.

She has enjoyed reading the book to me, mostly because I’ve enjoyed parts of it too.  Last night she was reading it before bed, when she became completely outraged.  There’s a page entitled “Make a fake pocket protector!  Would You Like to be a Lot Smarter?” which starts off: “Have you ever wondered how come all those computer engineers are so smart? It turns out there’s a secret! It’s those pocket protectors they all wear! Sure they look dumb, but they actually enlarge your brain!”  The book seems to be written by geeks so I think it’s definitely intended in a tongue-in-cheek way, although the photo included is particularly unflattering.  But my daughter didn’t catch that part and was practically yelling, saying how untrue it all was. When I asked her why she was so outraged, she said it was because her father and I are computer scientists.  She was hurt on our behalf.  She noted: “You don’t even wear pocket protectors!”

It’s clear that she not only has embraced her inner geek, but she’s ready to go on the war path to defend geek identity.  It was a proud parenting moment for sure.