The final exams for both my winter-quarter classes are on Monday, so it’s not surprising that I’m spending time reflecting on the quarter.  One of the things this quarter has shown me, more than previous quarters, is that my dedication to my students may go beyond the norm.  There are three incidents that make me consider this:

  1. As I was discussing the end of the class and the courses that follow, multiple students simultaneously asked me if they could continue to consult me about homework even when they were no longer in my classes.  I told them that they should start with their current instructor.  They replied that while they would do that, in their experience many faculty weren’t as responsive as I am.
  2. Last week I developed a cold that impacted my throat.  I taught both my classes anyway, even though doing that caused me to completely lose my voice and made my illness dramatically worse.
  3. I sprained my ankle at the end of January approximately 5 minutes before my first class was scheduled to start.  It never even occurred to me that I wouldn’t teach my classes that day, which I did standing on one leg.   Anyone I tell this story looks at me as if I’m somewhat insane.

I have always considered myself to be responsible and a hard worker.  I’ve also prided myself on being able to draw a line between work and home life, making time for my family and friends.  But I honestly felt that my approach to my job wasn’t much different than other faculty.  I’m realizing that may not be true, and that other faculty may draw the line differently than I do.  If that is the case, should it impact what I do?  My first feeling is no, but the jury is still out.