I just finished my first week of classes for CSC 243: Python for Programmers, and I find myself euphoric.  I suspected that teaching a new version of the Python classes would rekindle my enthusiasm for teaching the language, since having a chance to reevaluate what, how, and when you cover material always gives you new energy.  But what I didn’t suspect was how much more enthusiastic I would be in front of an audience of moderately experienced programmers.  Yes, Python is a great language for novices: they aren’t overwhelmed with syntax and can tackle more interesting problems sooner.  But Python is just downright fun for more experienced programmers.  The number of things that Python hands you on a platter can be appreciated most by people who have learned another, typically more difficult, language first.  Being able to wax enthusiastically about Python with people who see the beauty of it immediately is a gift I didn’t anticipate.  It’s making me fall in love with teaching the language all over again.