Calling all DePaul faculty: If you’re anything like me, you try to get as many scholarship-oriented tasks done during December as possible.  Again if you’re like me, you find that those tasks stubbornly stick around even as the time slips away.  So here’s a chance to get a scholarship-focused task done quickly, one that hopefully will leave you feeling energized about the other, more lingering to-dos.

The 2013 DePaul Faculty Teaching and Learning Conference has already put out a call for proposals.  The deadline for submissions is February 4, 2013, but submissions are very short and easy to write.  You simply have to write an abstract of 150-250 words.  Participation in this conference is more than worth it, as I’ve written about in this blog before.  Wouldn’t it feel great to have something done quickly before the university closes in 10 days?