This morning I gave my last final exam for the quarter.  The exam was at 8:45 am, an hour at which undergraduates (or really anyone) should never be required to do anything but sleep, which meant that by 11 am we were completely done.  So now I have two (electronic) stacks of exams to grade, and yet I find myself with little motivation.  Yes, it would be nice to get the grading done, complete the quarter, and move on with my other tasks.  Yes, the students should get feedback as soon as possible, especially in those few cases where they’ll need to rearrange their schedule because of the (bad) outcome.  But I’m also tired, since waking up before dawn isn’t my usual routine, and a bit burned out.  It’s been a long quarter, and what I’d really like to do during Thanksgiving week is have some time off to play.  Instead I will buckle down, write comments, post scores, and submit grades.  Doing the right thing isn’t always immediately satisfying.  But it will make me happier come Thursday when I can cook with a clear conscience.