The end of October is tomorrow, and with it comes the end of the crush of work I faced for the past two months.  I still have plenty to do, so I’m not in danger of descending into boredom.  But the constant pressure of imminent deadlines has eased, and I have some time to relax.  It feels exquisite.

I’m also noticing a pattern in my work.  When I reach one of these lulls I develop a sudden burst of creativity where I constantly have new ideas for papers and proposals.  Not all of them will turn into conference or journal submissions, but some of them will.  The productivity during these times is so much higher than when I’ve had long stretches of time without any obligations, like the two months of summer.  I think if I could find a way to make the peaks of work a bit less intense so that I don’t exhaust myself, I would find an optimal work rhythm.  It’s good to have a goal.