October is going to be a crazy month in terms of giving talks.  The week of October 8th alone I’m participating in two panels, presenting a conference paper, and giving an invited talk.  As a result September has been a month filled with talk planning and slide making.  Such concentrated effort has meant thinking about a lot of my research interests in a short period of time, and it’s highlighted that some projects inspire more passion for me than others.  I don’t generally start a research project if it doesn’t interest me, so it’s not a matter of dislike.  But some research particularly excites me, like the computational thinking project that I finished last year.  When I was preparing the invited talk that in part covers that project I found myself so concentrated that I had trouble seeing when I finally looked up from the screen.  And I can’t wait to give it.  In the middle of the too-busy month that is October 2012, it’s nice to have something I look forward to so much.